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Knoppix-STD Forum FAQ and Rules

This is the forum faq and posting rules. Please take 5 minutes to read before posting.


  • Please help the STD project by trying to help yourself first.
  • Following this simple faq will maximise the chance you get help.
  • STD is a community not a free help desk, join the forum with that in mind and you will ALWAYS be well received.
  • All you have to do to be part of the STD community is make an effort.

New to Linux?

  • STD requires you to have a decent understanding of Linux/Networking.
  • You will find KNOPPIX much easier for your first steps.
  • We have all been new to Linux at some point so trust us when we say this. It will make your experience much easier and enjoyable.


  • It is important you realise this faq is not meant to offend, only point you in the correct direction.
  • Remember we will not help you do anything illegal in any way. DO NOT ASK!
  • Please don't use: Flames, insults, foul language or l33t h4x0r speak.
  • Ubers, Mods and Admins know their stuff. Pay attention to what they say.
  • If you are using a HD install say so! It makes a big difference.
  • A good tip is to fill in your forum signature with your hardware, software and user level. It saves time and helps regulars respond.

Purpose of forum

  • The STD forum is a place to meet and talk about security and security tools.
  • Its not the best place to get help on linux.
  • In simple terms Linux is a means to and ends to make STD security tools work.

Do's and Dont's

  • Most questions have been asked many times before.
    • All users, especially new users, should make HEAVY use of the forum search capability BEFORE posting.
  • Make sure the question you are asking is suitable for the forum, either content or level of question.
    • Take time to read the forum BEFORE you post. Get a feel for both how to ask questions and what is appropriate to ask.
  • Make sure you show that you have made an effort to try to solve your problem yourself.
    • Its unlikely that your question has not been touched on before. Find the post and try a DIY approach first.
  • Dont ask a "how do I do this "insert huge thing here" question.
    • Memebers won't want to write a 25 page howto response to your 10 word question. Be specific.
  • Dont ask questions about MD5.
    • if you don't know what MD5 is and how to handle it your not ready for STD.
  • Dont ask questions about CD burning or ISO's
    • if you asked this you are REALLY not ready for STD. Try a different distro.
  • Ask yourself if you really need to be using a complex security distro to do what you are trying to acheive.
    • STD is a SECURITY tool not a distro to learn Linux on or a replacement for Knoppix. You should come to STD already with a good understanding of the Linux essentials and a goal to use STD for security purposes.
  • Before you ask about boot, graphics, mouse problems make sure you try all the cheat codes
    • Knoppix cheat codes solve most boot problems. Try them first.
  • Minimise the general linux questions (e.g. how do I mount a hard drive.)
    • There's no STD specific magic here. Read the man page, try google or a Linux forum.
  • Make sure you specifically state your errors or supply sufficient information.
    • How can we help if you don't tell us what is wrong? Be specific. Be detailed.
  • Dont use an old version of STD or ask which version use.
    • The current version of STD is always clearly stated on the web site. We only support the current version.
  • Dont ask "how do I setup the network connection."
    • Seriously how do you expect to use a security distro if simply connecting is a challenge? Tackle the linux basics first and you will benefit from the power of STD later.
  • Asking how to make make your "random bit of hardware work" will likely not get much help.
    • First try, cheat codes, EXTENSIVE use of search and google. Post when you have a good idea what the problem is. NOT BEFORE!
  • Always be specific.
    • You will ALWAYS get a better response to specific questions.
  • Make sure you refer to STD in the correct way
    • You will be surprised how many people NOT using STD ask questions on the forum. This wastes time for all. The STD forum regulars are wary to this now so make sure you refer to this distro as Knoppix-STD or STD. (NOT Knoppix as this term is not specific to this distro.)

OK so some of this sounds harsh. Its really not meant to... it just all about helping us to best help you.


Simple ;)